Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Convertible with Launch Center Pro?
Launch Center Pro is a great app for loading other apps with pre-defined settings or custom actions. This is made possible through the use of “URL Schemes” which is similar to how web pages are loaded. Convertible supports url schemes for launching straight into any conversion type for any units from and to as well as optionally accepting an input value.

The easiest way to use Convertible from Launch Center Pro is to choose it from the list of installed apps in the Action Builder. This is done in edit mode on Launch Center Pro and then clicking the plus button and selecting “Action” to add an action. If you then click on “Action Composer” you can select Convertible from the Installed Apps list.

If you want to create your own URL Scheme, take a look at the examples below:

  • convertible:// – This will launch Convertible with the last selected conversion (not that useful!)
  • convertible://Length – Launch Convertible with Length conversion selected (slightly more useful)
  • convertible://[prompt] – First prompt for the conversion type (Length, Mass, etc.) and then launch Convertible with that conversion.
  • convertible://currency?from=usd&to=[prompt] – Launch Convertible with US Dollar conversion, prompt for the output currency.
  • convertible://mass?from=kilogram&to=pound&value=[prompt-num] – Weight conversion from kilograms to pounds, prompt for the input value.

As you can see, there are dozens of ways to configure Launch Center Pro to suit your needs. Have a play around and see what you come up with!

Why doesn’t Convertible convert Acceleration/Magnetic Flux/Shoe Sizes?
We are steadily adding to the number of conversion types Convertible can convert. As of April 2014, Convertible can convert sixteen different types. This list will continue to grow, however because of the unique features of Convertible this takes considerably more time than if Convertible were “just another” converter.

Each conversion type added includes both standard and non-standard units. These must be categorised and, when possible or necessary, a short description of the unit is included. There is a considerable amount of time spent researching and verifying unit data before including it. Many units that are considered are eventually left off because the data is too ambiguous.

Hey, one megabyte does NOT equal 1000 kilobytes!
Sorry, but since 2005 it does thanks to the IEEE 1541-2002 standard.

We’ve had a lot of feedback and several negative reviews on this one. Like it or not, the megabyte, in accordance with the IEEE 1541-2002 standard is equal to 1000 kilobytes, a gigabyte is equal to 1000 megabytes and so on…

This change was initiated in 1998 when the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) published a brochure stating SI prefixes (mega, giga, etc.) must only be used to refer to powers of ten and not binary multiples. This led to changes in the way data capacities were reported and eventually in 2005, after a two year trial period, the changes were officially adopted.

In Convertible these two standards are defined by the two categories, Decimal and Binary. Decimal indicates the units are base ten (mega, giga, etc.) and Binary indicates the old-style new name units (mebi, gibi, etc.)

If you would like to know more about these changes, this Wikipedia page is a good place to start.

Why isn’t Convertible available in French/Spanish/Chinese/Klingon?
We wish it were! Localised versions of Convertible are being planned however we currently have very limited resources.

Convertible is currently (as of April 2014) in 205 countries, many of them being non-English speaking, so we are very keen to introduce localised versions soon!

I speak French/Spanish/Chinese/Klingon, can I help you translate?
We’ve had quite a few offers from non-English speakers keen to translate Convertible into their native language. While we’re flattered to receive such generous offers of help, we’re unfortunately not able to accept them.

We do have plans to release Convertible in other languages and will keep you informed as to when each release is due.

How do I add units not in the app?
Currently there is no way for users to add extra units to the app. We may look at adding an editor function in a later version however there are other features we’d like to see added first.

If you have a suggestion or have noticed an important omission in the available units, please feel free to email us at or use the contact link in the app’s settings screen. We try to answer all feedback promptly and, while we cannot guarantee your suggestion will be included, we will certainly give it good consideration.

I think Convertible’s great! How can I help?
If you’re really happy with Convertible, the best way you can show your appreciation is by leaving a review in the App Store. Simply click the link in the app setting screen, or click here to go to the App Store review page.

The more positive reviews Convertible gets, the more visible it becomes in the App Store.