Version 1.4 Progress

I’ve been very busy lately working on a number of changes for the next release, version 1.4. Without giving too much away, this will be the biggest release yet with some significant interface changes and some great improvements. The biggest change most people will notice is the addition of a toolbar at the bottom of

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App Store problems

As you may or may not have heard, the App Store is currently experiencing problems with app updates. Unfortunately Convertible appears to be one of the apps affected. The problem is causing some apps not to load after being updated with the only fix being to delete the app and re-install it. I have temporarily

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Version 1.3 now available

Version 1.3 of Convertible is now available for download. This release adds the ability to copy unit values and also fixes several bugs and some update issues with the currency converter. Here is a summary of the latest changes: – Improved currency update process – faster and more reliable – Last currency update display now

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Version 1.3

– Improved currency update process – faster and more reliable – Last currency update display now displays the rates data timestamp instead of hours and minutes since the last update. – Copy to clipboard – display the Copy popup with a long touch on the input or output value. – Improved visuals – clearer text,

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Version 1.2 is now available

Version 1.2 has now been approved and is ready for download from the App Store. This is a major release with two new unit types available, Currency and Time. The currency converter can convert 159 currencies and displays them in geographic region allowing fast location of the exact currencies you need. The time converter covers

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Version 1.2

– Currency! convert 159 currencies by geographic region – time conversion – convert from plank time to yottaseconds and everything in between – new category, Galactic – for the really big stuff Bugs fixed – minor inaccuracy converting ounces to pounds – plural name displayed on singular calculated value – six decimal zeros sometimes displayed

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Currency Sneak Preview

The finishing touches are being added to version 1.2 which will contain Currency and Time as well as a whole bunch of other improvements and additions. This is a pretty significant release so I want to make sure everything is working as expected before hitting the big App Store Submit button. The currency converter can

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Currency and Time coming soon

I’ve been working flat out getting the next release (1.2) ready for submission to the app store. This will be a big release with two new units of measure, Time and Currency. As well as the usual bunch of bug fixes and improvements. Time covers everything from Plank time (the shortest known unit of time

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Version 1.1 now available

Version 1.1 was approved just a few days ago. It’s been marked down as a free app again for a few days but will be going back up to 99 cents with the imminent release of 1.2.

Version 1.1

– Improved navigation, click on the currently selected unit or category to display them in a scrollable list – Various bug fixes