Version 2.2 released

As expected, version 2.2 was released to the App Store today. The release contains a number of improvements as well as an important bug fix for iPad users.

Here is the full list of updates:

• New conversion type, Flow (Volume)
• New theme, Berlin
• New icon
• New Pressure unit, N/mm²
• New Currency unit, Bitcoin (BTC)
• Cleaner looking interface
• Full range of binary Data units (gibibyte, tebibyte, pebibyte, etc.)
• iPad Toolbar button bug fixed
• The version number has been returned to settings (!)

Please note, this is the last release that will support iOS 6. We’ve worked hard to support iOS 6 for as long as we have but it’s time now to start looking ahead and preparing for the release later this year of iOS 8 and whatever new challenges and features it will introduce!