Version 2.0.1 submitted to the App Store

Version 2.0.1 has just been submitted to the App Store. This is a small release with a couple of nice additions and improvements. Firstly we’ve added Launch Center Pro support with significant control over what you can do. Through Lanch Center Pro, you can launch convertible straight into a conversion and even have it prompt you for the value before launching. If you haven’t tried Launch Center Pro yet, take a look, its a great product!

We’ve also added a much requested measurement for runners, minutes per kilometre and minutes per mile. This is a standard measurement used by many runners and joggers to measure their running time over a fixed distance. You’ll find these measurements under Speed.

Other improvements include a slightly tweaked icon, better interface response in vertical scroll lists and also a few bug fixes. Below is the full feature list:

– Minutes per kilometre
– Minutes per mile
– Launch Center app support, automate your most used conversions
– Slightly tweaked icon for the pedants out there ;)
– Improved vertical scroll behaviour (thanks TC)
– Improved vertical touch targets in catergory list
– iPad number pad bug fixed (bottom 24px not responsive)
– Australian Tablespoons in volume (thanks CM)