Three small updates, bugs!

Since releasing version 1.6 in April we’ve had great feedback from many happy users. Unfortunately we’ve also had some negative feedback from a bug that made its way into the release causing the app to crash on startup for some users.

There was also another bug identified by several of our sharp-eyed European users. This bug only affected people using European style number formatting (period or space to separate thousands and a comma as the decimal separator).

Both of these issues were addressed through several small updates that occurred over the weeks following the release of 1.6. First came 1.6.1 which didn’t quite hit the mark with the crashing bug so was followed shortly after (thanks to an expedited release granted by Apple) with version 1.6.2 which killed that bug and also (partly) fixed the number formatting bug.

The final release in this trio of updates was 1.6.3 which just came out this morning and correctly fixes the number formatting bug. This should be the end of minor point updates for a while (we hope!).