Version 1.6 released

Version 1.6 has been released to the App Store. This is Convertible’s biggest release so far and adds many new exciting features.

Major changes
• Compound units! Display and edit compound values for many units
• New Conversion Type: Pressure
• New Conversion Type: Power
• Favorites are now grouped together at the start of the unit list
• Increased decimal precision on very small numbers
• Significantly improved currency update time
• Display and edit fractional values for compound inches and ounces
• New style number pad now matches selected theme
• New theme, Hong Kong (the new favourite!)
• Bug fixed in temperature calculations
• Conversions returning very small values no longer return zero

Minor changes
• Settings option to turn on/off compound units or display only when editing
• Settings option to group favorites or ungroup them
• Currency update frequency increased to every three hours (when active)
• Sahara theme colours adjusted, now slightly warmer
• Conversion Type can now be changed while in edit mode
• More predictable decimal input behaviour
• New units across many conversion types
• iPad icon now displays correctly (yes, finally!)