Happy Birthday Convertible, here's 1.6!

One year ago this week, Convertible v1.0 hit the App Store. One year later we’re celebrating with a huge new version 1.6 release, crammed full of new features, changes and (of course) bug fixes.

The headline feature of thIS release is the addition of compound units to many metric and US/Imperial units of measure as well as Time and Data units. This is a significant new feature since you can now, for the first time, edit and view units in the way most of us are used to seeing them. For example you can see a measurement in inches broken down into feet, inches and fractions of an inch; time conversions can be displayed in days, hours, minutes and seconds, etc. The significance of this new feature cannot be understated.

Also in the release are two new conversion types, Pressure and Power. True to form, we haven’t just added a bunch of standard units and left it at that. We’ve also added the usual complement of real world objects and non-standard units of measure such as the pressure of a crocodile bite, the power of a nuclear submarine, the pressure of the atmosphere on Mars, and many, many more fun and useful measures.

There are many other features and some welcome bug fixes. Currency updates now happen a lot faster, the iPad icon is finally fixed, we have a beautiful new theme called Hong Kong which is my new personal favourite.

We hope you enjoy this release, its taken a lot of work and we’re proud to finally share it with you.