Currency Sneak Preview

The finishing touches are being added to version 1.2 which will contain Currency and Time as well as a whole bunch of other improvements and additions. This is a pretty significant release so I want to make sure everything is working as expected before hitting the big App Store Submit button. The currency converter can

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Currency and Time coming soon

I’ve been working flat out getting the next release (1.2) ready for submission to the app store. This will be a big release with two new units of measure, Time and Currency. As well as the usual bunch of bug fixes and improvements. Time covers everything from Plank time (the shortest known unit of time

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Version 1.1 now available

Version 1.1 was approved just a few days ago. It’s been marked down as a free app again for a few days but will be going back up to 99 cents with the imminent release of 1.2.

Version 1.1

– Improved navigation, click on the currently selected unit or category to display them in a scrollable list – Various bug fixes

Version 1.1 Submitted

Version 1.1 has been submitted to the App Store. This version is mainly for improvements to the navigation – it now features vertical list selection for categories and units in addition to the existing left to right swipe navigation.