The Ultimate Converter

Convertible: The Ultimate Unit Converter, a simple yet powerful unit converter for the iPhone and iPad.

Convert the normal and the not-so-normal.

Beautiful Simplicity

Introducing Convertible: Ultimate Unit Converter for iOS, a unit converter that prides itself in its simple yet powerful interface. With sixteen conversion types to choose from and hundreds of standard and non-standard units across many categories, there’s always a correct unit for every conversion.

  • ○  16 Conversion Types
  • ○  34 Unit Categories
  • ○  161 Currencies in 13 Regions
  • ○  16 Beautiful Themes
  • ○  Tap or Swipe to Select
  • ○  Compound Unit Conversion
  • ○  Pop-up Unit Descriptions
  • ○  Copy Conversions to Clipboard
  • ○  Share Conversions by Email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • ○  Launch Center Pro integration
  • ○  One tap Help Overlay

Everything in Perspective

Convertible helps to visualise your conversions by offering many real-world units of measure from micro to macro. Everything from the mass of an atom to the size of the universe, the energy of the sun to the area of a Tennis Court – using these everyday units helps to give a greater sense of perspective and meaning to your conversions. Adding non-standard units can add an entertainment value to the act of converting units, while also becoming a valuable resource for researchers and anyone who has to describe or present obscure measurements to a lay audience.

Convertible: The Ultimate Unit Converter on iOS stands out from many   other apps of its type.” – The New York Times, April 2014

“Convertible is one of the most peculiar and fun iPhone apps I’ve downloaded recently.”

“With customizable themes, amazing readability and an intuitive and easy to use interface, Convertible is definitely in a class of its own.”

“In an app category marked by mediocre apps, Convertible shines as a very well thought out concept plus an original touch.” –
“The instant you lay eyes on the user interface of this app, you can already tell that it is one-of-a-kind and impeccably well-designed.” – User Review, Canada App Store

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